First of all, what is console table? You would be surprised how many times a day we get asked this. So don't feel silly if you don't know!

A console table is typically used in hallways, entrances, or family rooms. Because it is usually found in tighter spaces - they generally come sleek and narrow. A specific purpose is debatable - but we personally love to set them up as entrance tables for keys, Entertainment stands, or even just for aesthetics. 


Base prices include 3 shelves (Top, middle and bottom), one X on each end, 1 single color, & protective coat.

2 ft long x 3 ft tall & 11 inches wide = $250 

2 ft long x 3 ft tall & 16.5 inches wide = $275

2 ft long x 3 ft tall & 22 inches wide =$300

Add the additions to the base prices above to get your final quote:

+$35 per additional foot in length

+$25 per 2 additional X's

+$25 for distressing 

+$25 for additional color 

+$50 to add wine rack inserts (center X's)

Console tables come 3-4 ft tall, there is no additional cost for the change in height. Prices are subject to change.

If you see something that you would like to add to your console table that is not one of the options above, please send us a message and we would be happy to set you up with a custom order.

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Looking for something specific?


Are you looking for a quote on a console table that you don't see posted here? 

Have   a unique design in mind? Maybe you found something on Pinterest! Send  us  your idea and we can bring it to life! Visit our Customs page for  more  details.

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