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Thank you for considering Grace & Grain Design Co. to build your next piece of furniture!


We build rustic/ farmhouse furniture. This is a very distinct style that is unlike any other. 

We generally work with spruce, pine, & cedar. Before starting your order we will choose the best quality wood for your piece possible. And although, we spend time sorting through to find the best pieces - these are real wood products. Real wood comes with cracks and knots. We believe these natural imperfections add a level of character that you just cant buy from a manufacturer!

Because of woods natural unique structure - it is constantly expanding and contracting, This is what we call "seasonal movement". Seasonal movement can cause gaps to open and close as it gradually adapts to its environment. We do our best to combat this by adding multiple layers of protective coat and ensuring the wood is dry before we use it. But there are also some precautions you can take at home to reduce the affects of seasonal movement even further. Such as: 

1) Avoid having your item in spaces where it might be exposed to direct sunlight, or regular cold drafts 

2) Ensure your homes Humidity level stays high. Wood craves moisture.  

3) When cleaning your item please use a water or oil based product. Continue to use the same cleaner so the wood can adjust to the product, rather then fight it. 

Imperfections over time build character and we hope you can embrace that in life, in your home, and in your furniture!

Now that you know everything, you are ready to place an order!