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Before receiving a quote, or placing an order we will require FINAL measurements, and color confirmation. 

To finalize any order - we require a 25% deposit on orders over $100 and 50% on order under $100. Anything being shipped is to be paid in full. Delivery is to be paid upfront.

Please allow for a 3-8 week wait for furniture, unless otherwise specified. This DOES NOT include your pickup if you decide to wait to book your appointment. We can sometimes be booked several weeks in advance.

Furniture is pickup or delivery. We take pickups on Wednesdays and Sundays by APPOINTMENT ONLY. You may book your appointment at the same time you place your order or you may wait until your item is ready. We are usually fully booked so please try not to come early/late for appointments.

We are based out of Edmonton, Alberta so you will need to plan accordingly.

We check our messages 1-2 times a week between builds. So replies may be slow at times. We do not promise progress or completion photos. Our work space (& the weather) is not always cooperative and we would prefer to focus our energy on your order rather then pictures. 

Grace & Grain Design Co.

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Nisku, AB. Canada

Term & Conditions

Upon Pickup/Delivery you will be asked to inspect your items to ensure that you are happy with the turnout. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with your order & we have received payment in full you will be required to sign our release-form/Invoice. Signing confirms satisfaction & awareness of these terms and conditions. By signing you waive Grace & Grain of all liability for damage, injuries, or accidents once items are in your possession.  Signing ensures Grace & Grain + employees will remain free of abuse, slander, Public Rants, threats or inappropriate comments. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will result in a cut to all communication, and legal action will be taken.